Production ramp-up of the new Mack LR model is well underway!  It is really exciting to see things coming together and seeing the great team spirit at our Macungie Pennsylvania plant where the LR model is built.  I stopped by the Macungie plant a short time ago to pay a visit and to talk to the management staff about how important our customers are and how the LR model fits the needs of our customers. While at the plant I took the opportunity to walk the production line to see what new things are going on and going down the line.  I really love doing that.  I love seeing things come together from start to finish.  It’s not that often in the heavy truck industry that a new model comes along, so this is a very exciting time for Mack. 

Moreover, our Macungie plant will be celebrating 40 years of continuous production this year, and having the LR model come into its own at the same time is a great way to celebrate this important milestone in Mack history.  Back when the plant was opened there was no such thing as an LED headlamp or electronic engine controls in a heavy duty truck, and you would have seen a lot of MB model and F model cab over products on the assembly line 40 years ago.  Things have changed so much.  But what hasn’t changed is that trucking is all about getting the job done as efficiently as possible.  Better yet, I can sum up the refuse segment as the segment where the words ‘uptime’ and ‘productivity’ take on new meaning.

Sure, uptime and productivity are important in all segments of trucking, but when it comes to refuse, and the need to make upwards and over 1,000 stops in a single day, getting the most out of your equipment and the hard work of your drivers takes on new priority.  We want our drivers and helpers to be as comfortable as possible to enable them to do the good work that they do every work day.  Without the drivers and helpers, a truck is just a very expensive hunk of iron, and you can’t run your business and make a go of things if all you have are trucks sitting around, or trucks that drivers can’t operate efficiently.  When we designed the new Mack LR model, we gave a lot of thought on how to give drivers and helpers a purposefully designed cockpit environment that would help to make every day on route a good day.  That’s why we created the latest LR model walk around video to help explain just some of the features of the Mack LR model… we really wanted to show you a few of the great things about the Mack LR model.  Take a look!