Eight Signs It’s Time for an Overhaul

Your truck is built to work – just like you. And the last thing you need is to get sidelined on the highway or jobsite with a worn-out engine.

If you’re experiencing any of these performance-related issues, an overhaul can breathe new life into your engine and get your rig back on the road fast:

  1. Blue or black exhaust – One or more cylinders may be burning oil, or your fuel is running too rich or lean
  2. White exhaust – Coolant may be burning in one or more cylinders
  3. Engine knocking – Combustion timing may be off in one or more cylinders, or oil contamination may have occurred
  4. Reduced acceleration/hard start – Possible loss of cylinder compression
  5. Increased oil consumption – The engine may be leaking or burning oil; either situation isn’t good
  6. Low fuel economy – Loss of cylinder compression or over-fueled cycles
  7. Low oil pressure – Oil may not be reaching all the components
  8. Poor engine brake performance – Possible loss of cylinder compression

Your local Mack dealer has four overhaul packages available to meet every repair need and every budget. And we are the only OEM to offer an extended warranty option – three years / 350,000 miles when installed by a Mack dealer. Contact us today to learn more!