Snow, ice, slush, fog – winter weather can be a real inconvenience for a heavy-duty truck driver. But more importantly, it can also be a real danger.

Each year, nearly 480,000 large trucks and buses are involved in collisions on roadways and job sites. And these accidents – many of which are caused by bad weather – end up costing a combined $112 billion. What’s more, 65 percent of all trucks involved in accidents have front- or rear-end damage. Which means that as a fleet manager, you’ve got more to worry about than just driver recruitment and preventive maintenance. You’ve also got to plan for potential collision repairs.

If one of your drivers encounters an icy spot – or wildlife, potholes, debris or even a distracted driver – while out on the road, know that Mack can get your truck back on the road fast with our exclusive line of performance-engineered replacement crash parts.

Stock up now on these parts to save up to two days of potential downtime following a collision:

  • Bumpers – Precision-engineered and made to fit for a quick install, Pure Mack bumpers are aerodynamically designed to provide increased fuel efficiency.
  • Grilles – Pure Mack front grilles are designed to properly direct air flow across the radiator, increasing the life of the engine.
  • Hoods – Our revolutionary multi-piece design allows the top of the hood and both fenders to be replaced separately, which means you only replace the parts that need replacing, not the entire hood assembly. Plus, all Pure Mack hoods are designed to fold during front-end collisions, protecting your drivers from windshield impacts.

But don’t stop there. Did you know you can also minimize damage to your fleet with the addition of high-strength aftermarket bumper or grille guards? While these parts have traditionally been thought of as accessories, the protection they provide is becoming a necessity as collisions involving heavy-duty trucks continue to rise. Not only can they safeguard the cab from dents, dings and damage – limiting downtime for repair – but heavy-duty guards can also help reduce rollovers and other accidents because they make drivers less likely to swerve to avoid collisions.

Contact your local Mack dealer today to learn more about all the replacement crash parts and protective add-ons available to your fleet. And don’t forget – you can also purchase these and all your other preventive maintenance and repair products from the SELECT Part Store™. Log on today for easy parts ordering and fast delivery – often within 24 hours.