With new CK-4 engine oils now on the market and in your trucks, you’re sure to be enjoying longer drain intervals and fewer oil changes. That’s because the advanced wear protection and viscosity control of this new class of oils can better handle higher underhood temperatures for longer periods of time than previous oil formulations.

But if you’re relying solely on the new oil formula to help safeguard your engine from premature wear, you’re making a critical mistake. Although CK-4 oils may last longer without breaking down than CJ-4 versions, they don’t work alone. Instead, to get the very best performance from your engine oil, you need to pair it with a high-quality lube filter, like Pure Mack oil filters.

Lower-cost filters often user inferior material that is coarser and easier to tear. And they are more prone to leak or burst, potentially causing major damage to your engine. But Mack oil filters are specially designed to provide the optimum balance between particle removal and filter life throughout the maintenance interval. Plus, they’re the only filters designed to work specifically with your Mack engine.

Some of the key features of Mack oil filters include:

  • Super-fine media – Mack oil filters use only the highest-quality media to ensure optimal filtration. Our super-fine material captures particles six times finer than a human hair, keeping them out of your oil stream and away from your engine.
  • Superior gaskets – Our elastomeric gaskets are designed to swell upon installation, forming a tight seal to help prevent leaks.
  • High-strength steel shell – Mack oil filters are designed with a high-quality steel shell, which is manufactured to withstand oil pulsations up to 218 psi. This provides structural integrity for the filter – both inside and out.

Make Pure Mack oil filters a key component of your next preventive maintenance service. Contact your local dealer today to schedule an appointment. Or, visit the SELECT Part Store™ for great deals on Mack oil and filters. Sign up today to take advantage of 24/7 online ordering, quick delivery and exclusive discounts.