Your vehicles can take a beating in the winter thanks to de-icing agents, snow piles and potholes. And while many winter hazards are unavoidable, there’s one move you can make right now to protect your vehicles from preventable damage – not just during the winter but all year long.

By switching to Mack® Extended Life Coolant (XLC), you’ll be ensuring that the vehicles in your fleet have premium engine and HVAC protection, even during the hottest days and coldest nights. Mack XLC is a nitrite-free extended life coolant with a service life of up to 1 million miles – that’s 700,000 miles longer than Mack Heavy-Duty (HD) Coolant and 750,000 miles more than conventional green coolant.

With its longer service life, Mack XLC simplifies coolant maintenance. It doesn’t require supplemental coolant additives or extenders, and uses organic acid technology (OAT) to inhibit corrosion. Mack XLC offers other benefits, including:

  • A formulation developed specifically for emissions-reducing exhaust gas recirculating (EGR) engines
  • Long-term corrosion protection for components that contain aluminum, brass, cast iron, steel and copper alloys
  • Excellent protection against pitting of wet sleeve cylinder liners
  • A non-silicate formula that offers better heat transfer and virtually eliminates silicate gel deposits during storage or use
  • A non-abrasive blend that helps water-pump seals last longer
  • Compatibility with other coolants

Pure Mack coolants are the only coolants that are specifically formulated, tested and approved by Mack engineers for use in Mack engines. Mack XLC and Mack HD coolants protect against winter freeze-up and summer boil over to keep engines running right, whatever the weather.

Mack XLC and HD coolants are available only from our network of dealers. The expert technicians at your local Mack dealership can help you determine the cost-benefits offered by both coolants, and explain how switching to Mack XLC can help reduce your total cost of vehicle ownership.

You can also place an order for Pure Mack coolants, fluids and other components through the SELECT Part Store™. SELECT membership is always free, and gives you around-the-clock access to real-time pricing and stocking information.