Greater stopping power. Less maintenance. A car-like response. Those are just some of the reasons why fleets are spec’ing new trucks with air disc brakes. 

For those fleet operators, the extra cost of disc brakes is balanced by an increase in uptime. Disc brake components last much longer than drum brake components, and replacing those components takes much less time. 

When disc brakes do require maintenance, it’s important to choose OEM brake pads, calipers and rotors. The use of non-OEM brake pads can lead to a range of problems, including decreased stopping power, increased noise, cracked rotors, uneven pad wear and shorter pad life.

Of course, to understand why top-quality brake pads are important, you have to think about what they are designed to do. Brake pads provide the primary source of friction to the brake rotor, which produces the torque necessary to stop a vehicle. Brake pads are designed to erode in a controlled manner and to provide the rigid surface necessary to handle the application of friction to the rotor. 

Because of their importance in the braking process, the friction materials used in brake pads must allow for:

  • High compressibility. This ensures even pressure distribution, which lessens vibrations.
  • Thermal expansion. Thermal expansion affects the distribution of contact pressure, and ultimately the overall responsiveness of air disc brakes.
  • Thermal transmission. The friction material in air brakes absorbs only a small amount of heat; the majority is transferred to the rotors and dissipated.
  • Elastic recovery. Air brake friction material changes when brake pads are applied and released; quality friction materials respond more quickly to use and release.

Think Mack for Maximum Stopping Power
Although air disc brakes provide extended service life, OEM pads still require replacement every 500,000 to 600,000 miles, as well as routine pre-trip inspections. In addition, drivers should regularly check the wear sensors or indicators, if so equipped, on each brake caliper. 

If a vehicle’s brake pads are worn, be sure to choose OEM replacements. You’ll know that you are getting high-quality components that meet design and performance standards for your vehicle. 

At Mack Trucks, we work with top suppliers to provide high-quality OEM brake components for all makes and models of trucks. Our brake pads have stopping power and are available for both drum and disc brakes.

The expert technicians at your local Mack dealership can tell you more about our OEM brake replacement components for drum and disc brakes. They can also help you determine if yours are due for service. The replacement components you need, including brake calipers and pads, are also available through the SELECT Part Store™. With a SELECT membership, you’ll get real-time stock status, 24/7 online ordering, exclusive discounts and fast delivery.