For more and more fleets, the benefits of automated manual transmissions (AMTs) are clear. That’s why the majority of new Mack trucks sold in the United States and Canada are spec’d with Mack® mDRIVE™ AMTs.

AMTs are proving popular with fleets for several reasons. The biggest may be that they can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 10 percent over manual transmissions, as shifting is optimized and controlled by a computer. With proper driving techniques, AMTs also can extend clutch life and minimize damage to a vehicle’s driveline caused by improper shifting.

Fleets also have found that drivers like AMTs too, so much so that they can be used as a tool to recruit and retain employees. With shifting controlled by a computer through a traditional clutch-actuated manual gearbox, drivers experience less wear and tear on their bodies after a long day on the job.

Mack’s mDRIVE delivers each of these AMT benefits, as well as these differentiating features:

  • Auto Neutral, which shifts the transmission to neutral to avoid accidentally starting the truck while in gear.
  • Grade Gripper, which prevents a roll-back situation when a vehicle is stopped on a grade.
  • PowerLeash™ Engine Brake, which automatically downshifts mDRIVE for maximum braking performance.
  • Easy Shift, which provides smoother, more precise shifting. It is recommended for applications that must minimize shifting loads.
  • Mackcellerator™, which increases the RPM when a driver needs to downshift and accelerate while passing. This helps keep a driver’s hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

An mDRIVE for Every Vocation
To meet customer demand, Mack offers two mDRIVE options: traditional and mDRIVE HD.
  • The mDRIVE transmission features 12 speeds and a remarkable base torque input capacity of 1,920 lb.-ft. mDRIVE delivers smooth shifts every time, while maximizing driver comfort, payload and fuel economy.
  • The mDRIVE HD transmission is available in 12-, 13- or 14-speeds with optional low-ratio creeper gears and multi-speed reverse gears. mDrive HD delivers up to 2,060 lb.-ft. of torque to manage the most demanding jobsites.
All mDRIVE models integrate seamlessly with Mack MP® engines, and offer fleets the power and performance of a fully integrated powertrain.

To learn more about the benefits of an mDRIVE AMT, contact the experts at your local Mack Trucks dealership. And remember to visit the SELECT Part Store™ online for members-only discounts on parts and preventive maintenance products. You can place your orders at SELECT any time of the day or night and get quick shipping to your door.