The percentage of vehicles equipped with automated manual transmissions (AMTs) continues to grow – in fact, almost 40 percent of new Mack trucks sold last year were spec’d with a Mack® mDRIVE™.

For fleets, shifting to AMTs can provide immediate benefits. Their computer-controlled shifting can provide an improvement of up to 10 percent in fuel efficiency over manual transmissions and can help extend clutch life. Fleets are also finding that AMTs are popular with drivers because they eliminate the strain on their bodies from clutching and shifting, and are easier to operate.

Of course, AMTs require basic maintenance, on a regular schedule, to achieve optimal performance. For vehicles equipped with Mack’s mDRIVE AMT, that means changing the transmission fluid and filter at recommended intervals. Those intervals range from 250,000 to 500,000 miles, depending on a vehicle’s application, and whether it is equipped with an mDRIVE or mDRIVE HD transmission.

But just as important as regular fluid and filter changes are the fluids and filters used in those changes. Mack mDRIVE Transmission Fluid is the only transmission fluid that is formulated specifically for use with mDRIVE transmissions. The benefits of using Mack mDRIVE Transmission Fluid include:

  • Optimal fuel economy. Mack mDRIVE Transmission Fluid helps reduce viscous churn, enables smoother gear meshing and is easily pumped and filtered, which can help maximize fuel economy.
  • Outstanding low-temperature fluidity. As a fully synthetic lubricant, Mack mDRIVE Transmission Fluid allows for quicker starts, reduced wear and easy shifts, even on the coldest days.
  • Excellent load-carrying capability. Its formulation helps protect against wear under all operating conditions.
  • Outstanding oxidation resistance. Mack mDRIVE Transmission Fluid protects against deposits to maximize seal life and drain intervals.
  • Stable friction properties. The proprietary properties of Mack mDRIVE Transmission Fluid ensure smooth and responsive shifting of mDRIVE AMTs. This has an immediate fuel economy benefit and reduces stress on the entire driveline.
  • Extended drain intervals. Using Mack mDRIVE Transmission Fluid can reduce operating costs through fewer filter and fluid changes, and less associated downtime.

Get Maximum Transmission Protection.

Mack mDRIVE Transmission Fluid is the only lubricant developed specifically for use in Mack mDRIVE transmissions. Its formulation delivers heavy-duty performance and component protection while helping vehicles achieve the maximum fuel economy benefits that an AMT provides.

Contact your local Mack dealer to schedule a transmission service and inspection, or to learn more about the benefits of Mack mDRIVE Transmission Fluid. Remember, you can only purchase Mack mDRIVE Transmission Fluid from an authorized Mack dealer or online through the SELECT Part Store™. When you order through SELECT, you’ll get access to real-time stock status and pricing from your local dealer, as well as anytime-ordering capabilities. If you’re not a member, sign up for free today.